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Anxiety Disorders

It is of value to assess if you are experiencing anxiety or is it an anxiety disorder.  Anxiety is an expected experience that is a part of life in contemporary society.  It is appropriate and reasonable to react with some anxiety to certain situations.  It would be concerning and wrong if you did not respond to challenges involving potential loss or failure with a certain amount of anxiety.

Anxiety affects your whole being.  It is a physiological, behavioral, and psychological reaction all at the same time.  On a physiological level, you can experience reactions within your body such as rapid heartbeat, muscle tension, queasiness, dry mouth, or sweating.  On a behavioral level, it can interfere with your body to act, express yourself, or deal with certain everyday situations.

These behavioral definitions will help you to determine if you are manifesting anxiety:

  • Excessive and persistent daily worry about several life circumstances that has no factual or logical basis.
  • Symptoms of motor tension such as restlessness, tiredness, shakiness, or muscle tension.
  • Symptoms of autonomic hyperactivity such as palpitations, shortness of breath, dry mouth, trouble swallowing, nausea, or diarrhea.
  • Symptoms of hypervigilance such as feeling constantly on edge, concentration difficulties, trouble falling or staying asleep, and general state of irritability.

Anxiety can appear in different levels of intensity and in different forms.  It can range in intensity from a mere twinge of uneasiness to a full-blown panic attach marked by heart palpitations, disorientation, and terror.  There are a myriad forms of anxiety disorder,  so a professional assessment needs to be done. Please call (262)375-9225.