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Grief/Loss Counseling

To be human is to have experienced some form of loss.  The questions is not “If it happens rather when it happens” what will I do.  It can be the loss of a spouse, significant other, pet; role in a family, in community, or status, to name just a few circumstances.  Most of us have difficulty negotiating this unknown terrain referred to as bereavement.  To help you to assess if you may be manifesting behavioral symptoms, please review the following:

  • Thoughts dominated by loss coupled with poor concentration, tearful spells, and confusion about the future.
  • Serial losses in life (i.e. deaths, divorces, jobs) that led to depression and discouragement.
  • Strong emotional response exhibited when losses are discussed.
  • Lack of appetite, weight loss, and/or insomnia as well as other depression signs that occurred since the loss.
  • Feelings of guilt that not enough was done for the lost significant other or an unreasonable belief of having contributed to the death of significant other.
  • Avoidance of talking on anything more than a superficial level about the loss.
  • Loss of a positive support network due to a geographic move.

Because bereavement, can be traumatic in nature; there needs to be a support system in place fairly quickly after it has been ascertained you are dealing with this.   To get help please contact WEEDEN AND ASSOCIATES, L.L.C. at (262) 375-9225.