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Separation and Divorce

Couples have a misperception what separation and divorce is really about.  If you choose to separate, that is not an automatic precursor to divorce.  Rather WEEDEN & ASSOCIATES LLC intervene in the marriage with several therapeutic tools that can prevent the marriage from totaling dissolving.  The ability for the couple to tolerate a time of separation can provide healing and to give a healthier perspective to their marriage.  If you as an individual or couple are experiencing the following behavioral definitions, please seek counseling immediately:

  • Thoughts about ending the marriage.
  • Moving out of the home to establish separate living arrangements due to dissatisfaction with the relationship. (If handled appropriately this can help to prevent divorce).
  • Initiation of legal proceedings for separation, divorce and/or child custody.
  • Confusion about how to best deal with the feelings and welfare of the children.
  • Anger, hurt and fear regarding breaking the partnership and having to face life as a single person.
  • Spiritual conflict over the breaking of marriage vows.
  • Depression and withdrawal as a part of the grief process related to the loss of the relationship.

The couple, with the help of the WEEDENS can resolve the initial confusion and turmoil of separation; learn to cope with the varied losses that separation entails; reduce conflict, hurt, and angry feelings between partners; establish and maintain healthy boundaries; rediscover affectionate feelings and renew commitment to each other to work toward resolution of conflicts.  As a primary goal to families who have children is the necessity of consistently upholding “the best interests of the children” as paramount and act accordingly, regardless of the final fate of the marriage.  Please call 262-375-9225.